Grouting and Injection are important components of the modern era concrete construction industry. Civitech Engineering Private Limited is one of the recognized leaders in the concrete grouting and concrete injection technology, who has perfected the delivery of these systems over hundreds of projects. Experienced Civitech Engineering Private Limited personnel are completing concrete grouting/concrete injection projects worldwide, sometimes in very challenging situations such as subzero temperatures, radiation, remote locations, leaking structures, or working with concrete contaminated with oil or other contaminants. Whatever your grouting and injection requirements are, as an experienced concrete company Vector has the resources (technical expertise, skilled labour, a wide selection of materials, and the right equipment) to accommodate all your needs.

Some of the main grouting and injection solutions that we are involved with are:

  • Cementitious Grouting
  • Epoxy Injection Grouting
  • PU Injection Grouting